Grab the attention of top sports teams with a comprehensive athletic profile, tryout opportunities, and consistent representation.

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      • Athletic Profile

        Sports is often said to be 90% mental. However, it is very rare to see any information about an athlete's mental make-up in their profiles. All of our athletes complete a Peak Performance Psychology Assessment, with pertinent information from the assessment built into their profile. A copy of the full report is made available to stakeholders upon request.

      • Marketing

        Promoting yourself online can be hard…but it’s vital if you want to attract the right people to your social media, especially if you are just starting out in your professional career. We work alongside our athletes to create engaging content that helps them to be more successful in attracting decision makers to their profiles.

      • Tryouts

        One of the biggest benefits for an athlete to attend a tryout is the opportunity to be seen by a coach, scout, general manager, and/or agent. Our athletes get constant access to our combines and tryout camps. Our camps are selection-only, meaning the stakeholders in attendance see our athlete's resumes beforehand and specifically choose to attend to see them in person.

      • Branding

        The term USP (unique selling point) is often tossed around in sales and marketing departments up and down the country. This refers to the niche factor that makes a product or brand desirable and different from its competitors. We can help you understand your own USP. It should be based around your skill set, what intangibles you bring and your character.

      • Representation

        The sports agents we work with have a thorough understanding of the sports recruitment world. Our affiliate agents understand legalities and they’re willing to stick by our clients through ups and downs. Our agents also know how to deal with contracts, finance, and sponsorships.

      • Job Placement

        Job boards are an excellent resource when looking for a job. Sports job boards are very specific and there are many out there. We have access to the biggest and most respected job board on the market with over 4000 jobs. Spamming resumes to every available job inevitably hurts athletes. Our job search strategies help us analyze your best opportunities and send your profile only to those organizations.


      “I want to give a big shout out to InstantScouting!! He has been by my side from the start helping me with everything from connections, scheduling workouts, and giving me advice about life. He was on of the people that believed In me front the start.”

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      Uriah Grant

      Defensive Tackle, Tampa Bay Storm

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      Javon Ross

      Offensive Lineman, Henderson State

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      Vaughn Carraway

      Defensive Back, Temple University


      Olusola Richard Olumogba

      Olusola Richard Olumogba is a former collegiate athlete who like many others had the goals of playing professional football. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario in 2010, he pursued professional football opportunities that never came to fruition. Following this, he began a brief stint as a CFL agent, which led him to finding his passion as a pro scout and the birth of InstantScouting in 2011. Through his challenges of making it to a professional football career, Olusola committed himself to ensuring that athletes do not face the same obstacles he faced on his journey to the pros. 
      Since the launch of InstantScouting, Olusola has helped create opportunities for athletes in numerous leagues and has been recently awarded one of the Top 30 Under Thirty Award by Sports Launch Magazine.


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